5 Facts You Didn’t Know About An Affiliate Program

If your friend invites you to be an affiliate for a product, they are asking you to partner with them and earn commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products. If you are looking for a steady source of income, The Lazy Plumber has several links to SEO topics that are different from the ones published in www.searchengineland.com.

This type of marketing is a convenient and a beneficial way to promote a brand’s products and a novel way to earn pocket money. Some of the benefits include:


One of the known benefits of an affiliate program is that it is based on your performance. You earn the commission only after the desired action has taken place. This way, traffic is driven to the company website and you get paid for your efforts.

Strong online presence-

You can become an affiliate partner for any product like books, cosmetics and just about anything that exists in the online market. Look at this as a unique strategy to broaden your customer base and partner with other companies in the same niche.

The good news is that majority of the affiliate programs have a steady flow of visitors, and when you venture into a partnership with them, you explore different avenues that was earlier not heard of.

Increase brand reputation –

When you partner with a blogger or a popular website, it helps build the reputation of the product and the brand. They are instrumental in spearheading a customer’s confidence in the service, which in turn, will lead to increased traffic to the target site.

The relationship that exists between an affiliate and the company/brand is symbiotic, where both the parties benefit greatly from each other. As an affiliate, you earn a reasonable amount of money when you reach the desired target level. This is achieved when you drive business to the merchant site.

How do companies benefit?

Through an affiliate program, you get access to potential customers through affiliate websites. Research has shown that a buyer is most likely to trust the opinion of a third party or source when compared to reviews posted directly on the product website.

Relevant content on site- Consider this example where you are a merchant involved in the business of selling pet food through a company website. When you manage to find an affiliate, they should know the basics of the product or service in order for a successful marketing strategy. You should advertise your product on relevant sites that are likely to attract pet owners.

Any marketing idea involves creative thinking and presenting unique ideas that goes well with the demographics and the target audience. It makes no sense to sell your pet food on websites that have a niche for accessories or footwear.

Easy to track-

An affiliate program has tools like click-through rates or views of the page to track the progress. This is considered an important part of building an affiliate marketing idea as it allows you to see which affiliates work and who are idling time.